After finding himself transported to an alternate version of earth made by Satan, a young man and his companion—a sarcastic Grim Reaper—must work together as they confront personal demons, encounter literal ones, and ultimately try to find their way home.



The story of GMTTW follows a young man named Derrick and begins with his strange encounter with a Grim Reaper, simply named “Grim.” Almost immediately, this odd duo is thrust into trouble after they’re kidnapped by mysterious beings from an alternate dimension made by Satan. When they arrive in the new and strange world of Eden’s Folly, Derrick and Grim find themselves on the run from not only their mysterious and cannibalistic captors, but also a fellow Grim Reaper from Grim’s past. Despite the cards being stacked against them, our protagonists find some grace in Rahab, a veteran resident of Eden’s Folly who agrees to guide and help them home. Together, the three unlikely friends set out on their seemingly impossible quest, encountering angels, demons, and everything in-between.

sequential story art:

The following pages of sequential art are provided below to illustrate the eclectic and dark nature of our comic’s world, along with demonstrate the fun dynamic between our protagonist Derrick and his companion Grim. These seven pages take place early on the story and show Derrick and Grim seeking refuge in the town of Genesis after having escaped their immortal and cannibalistic captors.



character art:

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