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Noah Baslé

Noah is a future award-winning artist hailing from the Republic of France. Born at a very young age, he grew up on a strict diet of creativity, pretentiousness, and the crisp air of Southern Europe. He eventually moved to the British Colonies in the Americas to lose money as a college student at John Brown University, a path he interrupted two years in to make some money as a marketing graphic designer. Mourning the atrophy of his fine-art skills, Noah awarded Kyle—a long-lost college acquaintance—the honor of approaching him with an array of stories too complicated to follow and exciting to illustrate. Little did Noah know this would be the beginning of a circus of creativity, wherein Kyle would be putting him in a cage and force him to do artistic tricks for no pay, and sometimes beer. Noah is currently caged in Northwest Arkansas, a proud husband to a wife and stern father to three canine and feline relatives, who pay no rent and refuse to get jobs.

Kyle Stück

Kyle was born in the jungles of Ecuador, a magical land laden with mystical and wise jaguars, empanadas, and a cool air that has yet to be matched. Like all good things though, his time in Ecuador eventually came to an end in 2010 when his family departed for the similarly magical land of the United States. There he learned what jaywalking was and eventually earned a B.S. in Digital Cinema. His senior film “Give Me to the Waves” won Best Short Film at the Chandler International Film Festival and was an Official Selection of the NOLA Horror Film Fest. After graduating college, Kyle further embraced his inner-angst and started writing poetry, eventually publishing a collection, which he will now unashamedly inform you is available for purchase on the left of this screen. Currently, he resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he works as the Digital Production Manager for a market research firm and creates content for Ominous Media. When he's not writing or describing himself in the third-person, Kyle busies himself with absorbing all forms of media and eating/drinking with his fan-base, all of whom he normally refers to as his "friends and family.”