Interview — Jan Lauderdale

Everybody’s unique and that whole uniqueness is vital to the theater world because we each have something to bring and to offer.
— Jan Lauderdale

For their first interview of 2019, Noah and Kyle are joined by Jan Lauderdale, a veteran actor, director, teacher, musician, and MVP when it comes to facilitating and celebrating art. Want to know a simple, yet effective way for getting over stage fright? Jan’s got the scoop! Or how about all the unseen work that goes into putting on a stage production beginning to end? Jan will fill ya in! Or maybe you’re interested in all the new and exciting developments happening in the art scene for NWA? Jan’s got that covered too, plus a crap-ton of other greats stories and wisdom, so why don’t you quit reading this description and give the episode a listen—you won’t regret it! 

As always, thanks to Josh Flynn for our tasty intro and outro music. Check him out on Instagram!


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